Wednesday, September 27, 2017

My Awakening

by Patty Avalon
Awakening suggests suddenly becoming aware of something. Speaking in terms of consciousness, it’s a bit challenging to say definitively, just what part of me is waking up.  Having read and listened to many, many spiritual teachers, I know I have made progress  through the practices they offered. But can I say what Awakening really means? At best, I am comfortable only describing the results of awakening .
An awakened consciousness allows me to move my awareness from a strictly physically oriented reality to a consciousness oriented reality. I can access multiple dimensions that I may exist in, and stay aware of who I am at any moment. There is a new fluidity of awareness available to me.
Experience of the physical world  seems to change according to my perception of it.  How I interpret what I see, feel, hear, smell and touch tends to affect what eventually manifests around me in the physical world. This is the ‘what you focus on will grow’ or "Law of Attraction” idea. And I can begin to create or manifest in the physical world by first forming my creations on non-physical dimensions. 
When I move my awareness away from 3-d physical reality, I become more comfortable making decisions from the deep dimensions of the inner self, the deep wisdom keeper inside. And I  gain the broader perspectives of my higher self which helps me make enlightened decisions.
And finally I cannot fail to mention the love that I  become when I awaken to my true self, beyond ego restrictions. It seems fleeting I admit, but it does happen.  And when it does it’s transformative and accumulative. And that really is all I know about awakening. I haven’t attained full awakeness by any means, but no effort goes unnoticed by the Universe.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Why Have Conscious OBEs?

Why would anyone want to explore a conscious OBE?
Out-of-body experiences provide information that teach us about ourselves as multidimensional beings. The core of these experiences is self-awareness. They take us beyond the limited scope of our five physical senses, and open us to the higher dimensional aspects of ourselves.
There are numerous benefits to practicing conscious out of body travel. William Buhlman, noted expert on OB travel and author of 4 enlightening books on the subject notes some of these benefits:

·        Personal verification of our immortality
·        A decreased fear of death
·        Increased psychic abilities
·        A more expanded concept of self
·        Spontaneous healing

There is a great deal of material written by many seasoned OBE practitioners, old and new. In pouring through the literature, we can find patterns and characteristics common in the reports.
It seems that OBE’s can be categorized into some fundamentally different types and there are degrees of differences, but basically there are two types. First there is the classical type and it is distinguished by:
·        A sense of conscious separation from the physical body. It can seem like you have a fully formed energy body that exists out away from the physical body.
·        Vibrational states often precede a classical OBE, but only in about 70% of cases. These vibrational sensations include tingling, shaking, a roaring sound, clapping sounds, puffing out, bliss states, undulations and or rocking motions.
·        Perceptions, at first, are similar to physical reality, and include seeing, hearing, or touching a recognizable world. Often this first level of contact is the etheric plane, or what Bob Monroe called Locale 1. Beyond this plane may be the astral levels or again in Bob Monroe’s terms, locale 2. It is the control of our focused awareness that will open the way to experiencing these different levels.
Experiencing the classical OBE gives us extraordinary confirmation that we are indeed more than our physical bodies. We can know that it is not just our imaginations at work.  As Bob Monroe would say, we can “turn beliefs into knowns”.

Then there is the ‘other kind’ of OBE. This is based on an expanded awareness of self, simply and purely without any awareness of the body. One’s awareness becomes a point of pure consciousness, and one extends their mind consciousness to their experiences. In this type of OBE there is:
·        Less occurrence of the vibrational state
·        No awareness of physical self
·        An experience of becoming a pure point of consciousness
·        Sensing awareness is first ‘here’ and then simply ‘there’
·        Real, life changing interaction with non-physical experiences and all of the same benefit found in the classic OBE

No matter which approach you decide to take, here are some of the things you can do in the OB state:
·        Access information from the larger consciousness system
·        Obtain knowledge and have conscious contact with your multi-dimensional self
·        Interact with non-physical beings in many different dimensional levels
·        Come to know that you are more than your physical body
·        Experience remote perceptions without limits of time and space
·        Explore healing of yourself or others
·        Perhaps change events backward and forward in time

Pursuing self-initiated, controlled OBE’s can become a lifetime practice. Leading us to reap all the benefits mentioned in the beginning of this article. What a worthy endeavor for this life time and perhaps beyond.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Master Your Energy Centers Improve Your Intuition

Copyright by Patty Ray Avalon 2017
I recently came upon an interesting discovery for myself when I was designing an online course on Intuition. Being an energy healer and consciousness researcher, I have a working knowledge of the human bio-energy systems and states of consciousness. I knew that certain chakras, or energy centers, were really primary in helping us access and translate intuitive information. But, the more I studied intuition, I soon came to realize that all the seven major energy centers contribute to enhanced intuition.
First, a bit about Chakras, or energy centers. Chakra is a Hindu word that translates as, “wheel of light." Chakras are understood to be bio-energetic centers that transmit energy and translate consciousness in human beings. They provide vitality to the body and filter information to help us function not only in physical reality but perhaps also in the dimensions of nonphysical reality.  There are many systems of chakra interpretation, and differing opinions of just how many chakras there are.  Most people agree, however, that there are at least seven major energy centers.
Intuition is that mysterious part of us that seems to be a type of inner guidance system that helps us navigate more efficiently through our lives.  
The word intuition is derived from the Latin, intueri, which means to see within, or in middle English "to contemplate."  One clear definition is:  something one knows from instinctive feeling rather than conscious reasoning. Other words to describe it are instinct, clairvoyance, the sixth sense, presentiment, and second sight.
Below I have listed the 7 major energy centers and the way intuition connects with each. Theoretically, if ones keeps the energy centers open and functioning well, they should enhance the way we gain intuitive information to better our lives.
"Intuition is that mysterious part of us that seems to be a type of inner guidance system that helps us navigate more efficiently through our lives."

The seven energy centers and how they help us access and interpret intuitive information:

1st Root chakra located at the base of the spine. It is associated with physicality and the physical body. Highly intuitive people are better able to read other peoples’ body language and are aware of their own body sensations (chills, tingles, etc.) thus providing intuitive clues.
2nd Sacral chakra located just below the navel. It is associated with our emotions or emotional body. Intuition often speaks to us through our feelings.
3rd Solar plexus chakra located just below the center of the rib cage. It is considered the intellect center and is associated with how we present ourselves to the world (self-esteem chakra). It is where we sense a ‘gut’ feeling about something as intuitive guidance.
4th Heart chakra is located right near our heart. It is associated with love for self and other. Here is where our deeper "heart wisdom" seems to reside. The guidance that comes from our hearts is not always logical but has a very special kind of wisdom. It seems to be wise and compassionate, and always holds our best interest in the forefront.
5th Throat chakra is associated with expressing our personal truth, and because it is in the neck/head region, is connected with clairaudience, or hearing on higher levels.
6th Brow or third-eye chakra is located at the center of the forehead. It is classically associated with intuition, insight, and clairvoyance.
7th Crown chakra located at the top of the head. It is associated with accessing all that is, oneness and unity consciousness. When we access information through this center it can be considered "direct knowing," just as when we simply "know something" in an intuitive way.
 So finding ways to keep your chakras tuned-up and functioning well could quite likely improve your intuition. You can find ways to master working with your chakras by researching books and films on the subject. I also recommend listening to the Hemi-Sync® audio exercise entitled “Chakra Meditation" by Eluv, and the Chakra Tune Up track on the Hemi-Sync® audio package, "Healing Journeys Support" that I co-created with Monroe Products.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

How to Become a More Successful Consciousness Explorer

Copyright by Patty Ray Avalon 2016
Many of us would love to have expanded state experiences that would occasionally just knock our socks off, provide undeniable confirmation of non-physical reality or help us, as Bob Monroe would say, “…turn beliefs into knowns.” Yearly, millions of people attend workshops, read books, listen to CD’s, go on vision quests, and partake of plant medicines, etc. in an attempt to consciously explore expanded states of awareness. Some are more successful than others, and I think I know a few reasons why.
As a facilitator, workshop designer and author of some 35 meditation recordings, I find myself ‘in the business’ of helping people become more successful in their journeys in exploring consciousness; such as the conscious OBE, non-local healing, demonstrable psychokinesis, remote viewing and communicating with non-physical intelligences.
I have to admit though, years ago I myself wasn’t very adept or confident as an explorer. In fact, I dubbed myself the ‘consciousness dud of the universe.’ All of the cool experiences seemed to happen to other people, while I just stared into blackness for what seemed like an eternity. No contact, no floating out of my body, and definitely no exciting visuals. Over time that changed by acquiring some basic explorer skills, which I’d like to share with you here. They might possibly help improve the quality of your consciousness explorations, making them more real, interactive and transformative.
·         Form a clear, positive intention. Setting one’s intention is a choice to align the mind and heart to be or act in a way that supports a desired outcome. Forming a positive intention tells the universe that you are serious about exploring, and sets everything in motion. It creates an energetic map for reality to follow. Take some time to craft carefully what you would like to experience, then write it down, say it, feel it, and repeat it as you enter your exploration session. It’s your game, you are the game player and game designer. Clearly describe to yourself where you want your experience to take you or what you want it to provide for you. Bob Monroe created the famous Gateway Affirmation to use as a preparation tool for exploration. The word affirm means, “to make firm in consciousness.”
·        Use the power of your imagination. All of us came equipped with imagination as one of the most important human creation skills. When you imagine yourself say, meeting your guide for the first time, here’s what you are actually doing: by visualizing, feeling, sensing whatever you might imagine your guide to be like, you are creating a comfort level within yourself for the experience to happen.  Your brain changes as well. Neuroscience has shown that the same parts of the brain light up when we are imagining experiencing something as it does when we are actually experiencing something with our physical senses. Just by pre-imagining an experience you become very comfortable with it even before it shows up for you. And staying calm and relaxed is key in all of this work. You can help to create a new reality experience for yourself when you imagine that the reality exists. Your imagination can become a real bridge between worlds.
·        Activate and control your inner energy. Energy and consciousness are not separate, and as a multi-dimensional, vibrational, intelligent being, using all aspects of your consciousness system is important. Inner energy is sometimes referred to as chi, life force, or bio-energy, and can be recognized in our emotions, vitality levels, mental states, manifestations and relationships Learning to raise or modulate your inner energy, (or vibrations) can facilitate easier exits in classical OBE’s, make thoughts and desires manifest faster, enable you to shift physical health conditions and draw similar matching frequency experiences into your life. Learning about chakras, inner energy channels, states of being, grounding energy and opening up the human energy field (aura) can be very beneficial in consciousness exploration.
·        Train yourself to access beneficial brainwave states. It has been shown that different brainwave states can allow easier access to a variety of different functions in consciousness exploration. Although they do not guarantee one will achieve any extraordinary experiences, they do help open doors of perception. There are five basic frequency states: Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta and Gamma. Each is measured in Hz (or cycles per second) and each has its own characteristics that represent a unique state of consciousness. I can say here that lower brainwave states such as Alpha and Theta are used often by explorers. One of the best tools I know of is Hemi-Sync® binaural beat audio technology for training yourself at home or in a workshop setting to experience these deeper states for yourself.
·        Keep your heart open. Learning ways to open your heart and access the guiding wisdom and support that exists there is one of the surest ways to access meaningful consciousness experiences. In the traditional chakra system, the heart chakra is the portal to higher dimensions of self. It is centered between the three lower, physical chakras and the three upper, spiritual chakras. Heart energy has its very own intuitive wisdom that will lead the way into purposeful, relevant and transformative experiences. Just before you do any exploration sessions, take some time to place your hands over your heart area, take some deep centering breaths and recall a time, an event or person or pet that you liked being with. Just feel how much love is there, and this will quickly bring you into an open hearted state of being.
  Let go, trust and surrender into the unknown. After you have done your preparation work it is time to stop ‘trying’ and shift into ‘allowing’. You’ve launched your intentions, raised your personal vibrations, and opened your heart. You’ve done the footwork and the last piece is to trust that some higher part of your awareness got the ticket and is preparing whatever is best for your higher good and the good of all. Moving into the unknown creates a spaciousness for us; the unknown is where mystery and possibilities exist. There is little evolution for our consciousness when we experience predicable events over and over .Letting go opens up our energy and consciousness so that we can receive the gifts that await us.
A lot of people are currently waking up to more of their potential by consciously accessing and exploring the expanded territories of their minds, hearts and spirits. And that is indeed something to celebrate.
You may want to know more about Patty's EnergyBody course taught at The Monroe Institute to help you become better at controlling your inner energy: EnergyBody

Visit my website at:  The Inner Zone

Thursday, May 12, 2016

12 Consciousness Skills for Living Well in Times of Change

copyright by Patty Ray Avalon 2016

As we move into a rapidly changing and unpredictable future, we can prepare for the shifts that inevitably will occur by preparing our states of awareness, or developing ’’consciousness preparedness.”

Here are the 12 consciousness skills that will ensure your positive future and help you flourish in times of change:

1. Stay centered. Learn and practice ways to hold to the center of who you are, recognizing your essential wisdom, essential compassion and essential love for self and others. No matter which way the pendulum swings (and its always swinging!) hold center and know your place of centered calm; operate and make decisions from this place.

2. Access your inner guidance system. Develop skills to increase and trust your intuition or sixth sense. We were all born with a magnificent guidance system, it communicates with us in many ways: sensations in the body, a nagging feeling, through dreams and inspirations and hunches, and synchronicities.  Also, look at life from a broader overview, learn from OBE (out-of-body) and NDE (near-death experience) writings. In other words, go deeper and higher.

3. Raise your energy and vibrations. Everything at its deepest, most observable level is patterns of energy. This is a vibrational universe, responsive and interactive on levels we may not even understand yet. It seems to be a magnetic- and attraction-based system, so what we send out, we attract back to us. Some ways to raise your energy: be grateful, focus on beauty, practice forgiveness, spend time with upbeat loving people or animals, wear colors that make you feel good, move your energy through dance, exercise, body therapies, do things that really bring you pleasure, give service to others.

4. Project the reality you wish to experience. Use visualizations, affirmations, mantras. Learn metaphysical manifestation techniques, and use them. These help to create an energetic template for physical matter to form into. Use words, images, songs, and above all, feelings to assist in creating your reality.

5. Move into trust. Adopt the mindset that no matter how things are going, everything we experience has purpose, and find the inner growth purpose within your current experience. Often ask yourself, “How can I grow or change something within my life as a result of this experience?” As we change, the world around us changes.

6. Learn to love your life, express gratitude for each unfolding moment, and live with passion. This can really be a moment to moment yoga; at every turn practice a new way of responding with love to any situation. It’s easy to say, “Love is the answer”- it’s doing and expressing loving kindness and actions when you really don’t want to that puts this skill into it true place of magic and power. Being and acting in loving ways offers the power to shift, to grow, to heal.

And there are more specific skills to nurture for moving into our higher potential during times of wild, exciting and unpredictable change:

1. Energy healing. There are a multitude of methods to explore such as Reiki, Eden Energy Medicine, Chi Gong, Jo Rei, Theraputic Touch, Quantum Touch, Matrix Energetics, The Reconnection work, Shamanic healing, etc. Every family should have someone who can do some type of energy healing. Learn to heal yourself.

2. Transcendence or centering meditation. Practices such as Vipassana, TM, Zen, offer a new skill set for being in the world in a very different way. These practices can open doors to greater knowledge, wisdom, peace, and clarity, and help us evolve in alignment with our heart’s desires and soul’s higher path.

3. Psychic development through psychic enhancement classes or remote viewing training. It would be very beneficial in any circumstance in the future to be able to ‘see ahead’ to some degree; to proceed in directions with a clearer map of choices, to find information that could help you flourish or even survive.

4. Creative expression and imagination. Dancing, making music, writing, painting, designing systems, etc. It is a well-known fact that people who express themselves in some creative way access expanded states of consciousness, find safe and healthy stress relief, and open new channels for innovation and positive evolution. Everyone was born creative and imaginative, and it’s up to us to rekindle and honor that special gift each of us has.

5. Discernment. Feeling our way into knowing what is right or wrong for us. Discernment is a skill that fortunately gets better the more we do all of the other skills mentioned previously. It is different from judgment; it is again another form of guidance helping us maneuver through this complex, vibrational, ever changing universe.

6. Activating the energy body. Get familiar with the consciousness/energy system that is known as the human energy field, or aura. We really are more than our physical bodies, comprised of levels of multidimensional information that make up our whole self. The more we explore, activate and enhance our personal energy systems (including chakras, meridians, the lightbody) the better able we are to improve our health, expand our intelligence and shift into a more fluid and functional way of being in the world.

The world we live in is always changing, making way for new, building on the old, and ever expanding in possibilities for growth. Enjoy the opportunities, and look ahead with great expectations for all that you wish to create and experience.

Six Practical Tips for Cultivating Happiness

Copyright by Patty Ray Avalon 2016

Happiness is suddenly a big topic in the world of science, psychology and spirituality. Google happiness and you will find a plethora of nifty bits intended to help you stop suffering and be happier. You’ll find many things from “Positive Psychology,” to Certification in the Science of Happiness, and a variety of inspired TED talks.

After pouring through endless blog posts and websites, I decided I couldn’t read one more set of “how to be happy” guidelines from the experts. What I wanted was down to earth, real-people experiences to understand more about what happiness means, how to become happier more often, and what the benefits are in doing so.

I informally surveyed ten of my more successful pals about their personal happiness. Some had everything going well for them in all areas, others were in rough spots in their marriages, some had health issues, and a few were struggling financially. All agreed however, that no matter what their challenges were, they had the ability to create a general state of happiness. Also, these people didn’t seem to view challenges as problems, but rather, as opportunities to shift into better possibilities.

Here is the collective response to the question, “What is happiness for you?” “Happiness is when I feel good, am content, confident, feel secure, and my actions are aligned with the desires in my heart and wisdom in my head.”
The six tips they give for cultivating their happiness are:

1.     Get in alignment with your heart and head in regard to what you are doing. Or stop doing it. Or start doing what brings you into alignment. There’s a feeling of power and peace when one is operating from a place of inner integrity.  My yoga instructor friend said, “When I am aligned with whatever I am doing, life becomes effortless; there’s no resistance or struggle. “ 

2.     Consider an attitude adjustment. There are times in life when we don’t seem to get what we intend. Or people don’t behave the way we would like. Years ago I found a book entitled, A New Pair of Glasses. It was about a successful businessman who had had a spiritual awakening as a result of changing how he did business. He chose to see everyone and everything through a filter of generosity and trust.  Those were the qualities he eventually experienced over and over again as a result of seeing life through “new lenses.” The Universe seems to mirror back to us exactly what we convey in our actions, emotions and viewpoints.

3.     Connect with meaning and purpose in your life. All people at some time question, “What is my purpose?” One of my friends discovered that her purpose is simply, “To have life, and to have life fully.” Another man said that his purpose is, “To be exactly who I am, not what others expect me to be, and to do my best.”  

4.     Acknowledge yourself, acknowledge others.  Look for all the ways you contribute, create, explore, and love in life.  Feeling good is what happiness really is. When you take clear inventory of just how much you really accomplish in life, you will feel good. Most mornings I write a list in my journal of all that I intend to do that day. At the end of the week I look over my lists and see how much I  have done and contributed to life; from checking-in with friends, to paying my bills, to household chores, to dreaming up new ideas, to following through on commitments. And a couple of times a year I write a list of all the things I accomplished, created, shared, and learned. It makes me happy to be of service and give to life. Acknowledging others goes a long way toward creating good will by telling people in words, writing or actions that you recognize and appreciate them.  

5.     Let go of trying to control outcomes.  Letting go puts us in a place of feeling trust in life.  We can rarely control how things turn out, but we can control our interpretations and responses to the results. Letting go also opens up our ability to perceive new solutions, let more inner energy flow, and relax and de-stress.

6.     Do things that raise your self-esteem and don’t do things that lower it. Stay in integrity as much as possible and forgive yourself when you don’t. At one point in my life many years ago, I was feeling overwhelmed with feelings of low self-esteem. A very wise friend said to me, “One of the best antidotes for low self-esteem is to do things that are esteem-able!”  

And finally, here’s what my ten friends said about the benefits of cultivating personal happiness:

“I lose fear.”

“Life becomes effortless.”

“I’m more emotionally resilient.”

“I’m less stressed when I’m happy.”

“I have more energy.”

“I have an air of calm, and my calmness calms others.”

“I have better perspectives on life.”

“People mirror back kindness to me.”

“I tend to see the good in people and circumstances.”

“I trust life and people more.”

“My finances get better.”

“I enjoy life.”


All of these help us to feel good, and that is what the pursuit of happiness is all about. When we feel good, the universe responds in kind with good feeling possibilities. And on and on it goes.